2017: New Media is now Old Media, Free Media is the Future!

We live in a time of revolutions, and they’re coming faster than ever! A major theme of these is towards greater and greater decentralisation…


  • Ever feel like you’re an unpaid employee for Facebook, creating their content and then consuming their brain-deadening ads?
  • Ever wonder why your photos are making Instagram Billion$, but you can’t even show your nipple?
  • Ever feel that your brilliant and original ideas are being squashed into a mere 140 characters?

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll have noticed that New Media has gotten old, and gotten rotten. It got into bed with Old Power and Politics, caught something nasty and come out censored and unfair.

There’s an expression: “If you ain’t paying, you’re the product!”
Well screw that. We are content producers, not products.

  • Youtube has demonetised any channel with remotely political/edgy content.
  • Facebook is politically biased and offers no reward for using it. We make the content and we have to look at mind-numbing ads?
  • Twitter just shuts down accounts willy nilly.
  • Speaking of willies, Instagram won’t show willies, or nillies, or even an innocent little nipple. Come on, everyone likes nipples!

    Why are we still on these platforms? Because there was nothing better, until now…

Screw New Media. It’s time for Free Media.

Or even better, Free Media that rewards those who contribute quality content and add value to the platform. Platforms like Steemit. Channels like Gab.ai. Media like onG.Social. So, in case anyone is still using Facebook like it’s 2004, come Back to the Future.
Come over to onG.Social, a new social media dashboard. It’s a new way to control your own content, share it out through all social media channels, and get paid in cryptocurrency. Guaranteed no censorship. In fact, the Gravity algorithm they use means that ‘truthfulness’ gets rated by users, not by The Man.

Did I mention that onG is having an ICO for one wore week?
Unlikely that CNN will be announcing it…
Doubtful that Jamie Dimon will be investing in it…

Bye bye Fake News. Hello Blockchain.

Come over to Steemit to create and curate. And get paid.
Come over to Gab.ai to… well, gab. Freely.
Come over to onG.Social to own your own content and get paid for sharing it.

Blockchain technology- the future is now 😉
It’s 2017. Come: