Will trade avocadoes for Crypto

Did you hear the crazy story in the news recently?
Some wealthy real estate tycoon said young people should stop eating avocado on toast and buy property instead.

Ha! How many avocadoes for a house, man?

No, the economy just ain’t what it was in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
And the guys who got a free education are now the politicians who invented student loans…


But I digress. Keep the house. Keep the car.
We are a new generation and we don’t care much for that stuff.
We want experiences. We want to travel. And yes, sometimes we want avocado on toast!

We are the nouveau riche- we want to rent, not own. Why buy a yacht when you only use it for a week a year?
We don’t trust your dollars and euros. (Not to mention the currencies of India, Nigeria or Venezuela). Yes- we remember 2008. And we read history.


Jamie Dimon- your daughter is a genius. For ignoring her dinosaur father and buying Bitcoin.

Let’s just remember who got bailed out by Uncle Sam- was it Bitcoin or JPMorgan?

We are generation Bitcoin. Keep your paper. We have crypto. We trust code over government.
We trust Wikileaks over the Wall Street Journal. Call us anarchists if you don’t understand us. But you cannot censor us for the internet is free, you cannot load us with loans for crypto has no concept of debt, and you cannot take away our avocadoes for they grow on trees.