Liberté, égalité & fraternité in the boudoir


“Egalitarianism is wonderful in the kitchen but boring in the bedroom…”

Firstly, yes liberty in the bedroom is good, perhaps even libertinage- and definitely do be liberal about love-making.
But the wonderful equality which has arrived in the political and vocational spheres has no place between the sheets.
The reason is that sexuality requires polarity.
No polarity, no passion.


While the classic example of this is the masculine male and the feminine female, many other combinations are possible including those between homosexual partners as well as the dominant woman and submissive male.

The ultimate text on this is The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida.
However you roll in the hay, polarity must be at play.

A woman wants to feel you ‘taking her’- this is you following your desire. Too often, as sensitive new-age guys we suffer from fear of coming off as rough and misogynistic. Meanwhile, our woman is left wanting- or more correctly, not feeling wanted.
It is only when we as men embrace our full desire that we can embrace our woman fully.

And only then, can she flower in the surrender of her full femininity.