The Thrill of Never Being Satisfied

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a masochist…

But what I love more than the little death of orgasm, is the enlivening process of seduction and love-making. As an actor, I enjoy the performing of the play- the curtain call is merely an afterthought. It is the process that brings bliss: the composing of a song, the brushstrokes of painting, the flow of writing, the motion of dancing.
Even the act of working, whether it flows or it is a struggle. Are we enjoying the Monday to Friday, or just focussed on the destination of Saturday? There is an excitement in pending satisfaction.

This theme emerges as common to many fields:
The passionate manner with which an entrepreneur describes their project is usually phrased in the present continuous tense: “We are building…”, “I see this becoming…”, We are the first to be creating…”
Advanced sexual practices will often involve the delay or avoidance of ejaculation for a man, but this is a whole other topic…
Dissatisfaction is actually built-in to the human condition, but again, this is a whole other topic.

A path, a pond, and some trees
A universal image which art theorists have found to be be cross-culturally attractive to people across the planet includes a path which turns and leads away out of sight. This, along with trees and water gives a feeling of a journey, a direction, a purpose and hints at a destination.
Is there a destination? Is there a meaning to life? Maybe. But either way we can enjoy the thrill of the journey, a journey which is never ultimately satisfying.

A wise man once told me
Once, as a restless young man I told an older and wiser man that I always felt that I wanted something. I didn’t know what, just something. Anything. He replied slowly, pausing between words to let the emphasis sink in, “There is nothing. To. Do.”
Though plenty of restlessness has stayed with me, so have the weight of his words, reminding me that for all the work we may do, the university degrees we may earn, the money we may make, the meals we may cook and the books we may write- ultimately, none of it will bring the deep happiness we are all seeking. So do something. Or do nothing. But whatever you do, make sure you’re feeling having a damn good time and feeling alive.


Enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride,
Enjoy the thrill of never being satisfied.